Cue. Repeat.

The way your body falls like a graceful avalanche onto mine lets me know you’re deep in sleep, as does a mountain full of flowers you rise, then descend like a petal and… tell me how is it that when you feel yourself falling to my chest you push down a little harder? Your hands they hold onto my arms with a slight little clench as if your heart knows in a pending exhale our bodies will again, and I mean only be, centimeters apart. You see so, this dance repeats, under the moonlight while I catch the stars twinkle in the same kind of squinted eye smirk you give to me unknowingly. I will lay there sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours. Playing the songs in my head which I always seem to find you in, jump roping through the melodies, basslines, and even the silence before the drops. Like a kid lying on the living room floor playing their favorite records I will just. Lay. There. Thanking the universe and those parallel for this present moment, until our breathing syncs and I myself sink into the slumber you’re under .. closed eyes smirk because as of late, the dreams in my sleep match those in my wake, that’s you in my future. Cue avalanche. Though this time my arms envelop you like a maestro breathing in each and every perfect note they’ve heard in all their lives. You, you, you.


ETA, is always.


The distance between you and I is approximately 2,790 miles away. 1 day and 19 hours, driving. 5 hours, flight time. And google maps says there’s only 3 alternate routes to reach you, but I’m gonna prove them wrong. See you’re closer to me than they think. I can hear you asleep in my chest,…

b wow because i cannot FLY that's my gf